Why Shopify Beats The Rest Of Ecommerce Platforms

If you have just started an online store, you are perhaps searching for the most suitable e-commerce platform. Most likely, the internet is your first stop for the simple reason that your business will be mostly an online endeavor. If you have come across any Shopify review, you must have discovered that it is the most favored among all the major platforms on offer—for a plethora of excellent reasons:

Ease of Use

Most e-commerce platforms are great. However, handling their features is no easy task and many new users end up a frustrated lot, giving up in the end. Perhaps you aware of this, Shopify made the ease of use of the platform by anyone visiting it one of their strongest qualities.

There is a feature set for companies whose web design is still young as well as the established companies who have been around for a long time. If you are a start-up, you can choose to follow a few simple instructions found in the dashboard. You can also use custom coding and apps which easily and quickly install to expand your online store. Advanced developers will also feel at home with tools specially made available for them.

If there is any mistake during the development of the store, you can safely remove it before it is exposed to the public. Shopify offers you an opportunity to test the store before it is published, with the live editor enabling the viewing of any adjustments. Additionally, importing products, no matter their number, is a piece of cake even for the least experienced with the use of the available settings and tools for creating such details as videos, images, titles, prices and the discounts on offer.

Pricing Plans

There are four different plans for pricing in Shopify. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the e-commerce platform is the fact that it caters for everyone. For as little as $9 a month, you are in business with the Lite pricing plan. You may, nevertheless, go for the $29 basic plan or decide to pay the highest price of $299. The good thing about it all is that you have a chance of trying how it works for 14 days without paying anything or making any commitment whatsoever.

You can choose to sell your products online and offline. Additionally, the platform has an offline-only plan with the lowest monthly price fixed at $29. The highest monthly price is $299. Every genuine Shopify review points out that except with the starter plan, all plans are accompanied by unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of products that you can offer for sale.


Online business is serious business. Unfortunately, many e-commerce platforms do not handle the security of the businesses on them seriously. It is different with Shopify.

With the hosting of their shopping cart on Level 1 PCI DSS server designed for any compliant, Shopify is far ahead of the pack. It not only assures the security of your data but also your customer’s data. Moreover, the platform’s pricing plans, with the exception of Lite, come with a Free SSL certificate (128-bit) which you don’t have to pay for. Shopify also ensures that your store will always be available on the platform while it provides secure data backup enabling you to restore your store in case it crashes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best ways of raising your sales figures. Unlike many e-commerce platforms, Shopify offers an opportunity to greatly improve your sales through SEO. The inbuilt SEO features ensure that products sold on it can be easily found through the main search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Since the platform allows automation of the SEO settings, you can easily customize URLs, keywords and other features. In addition, there are title, H1 and mega tags for people who would like more customization. You can also earn money by advertising on Google, thanks to a partnership between the two companies.


No Shopify review can exhaustively bring to light all the benefits of using the e-commerce platform. The few listed here are, however, reasons enough to take the two weeks trial which is absolutely free and needs no commitment. Many people have tried it and discovered the reasons for the ever rising popularity of the platform.