Volusion Ecommerce Platform Features

An ever growing percentage of commercial transactions are being handled online. More and more people are becoming comfortable with online shopping thanks to security improvements, wider product selections, convenient payment options, and enhanced ecommerce platforms. Volusion is one of the most widely-used platforms in the industry today with its rich feature set and reasonable pricing. Those who are thinking of selling products online can turn to this solution to make their dreams happen right away. You can try it for free for up to 14 days without any commitments or use of a credit card. Enjoy the following features with this platform:

Fully Hosted

Volusion is a fully hosted and integrated solution. It will have everything you need to run an online store from the website to the shopping cart, from the hosting to the payments processing. It will be highly secured so you need not worry about hacking, viruses, and other online dangers. The service level guarantee should also put you at ease with 99.9%. If you want a stress-free setup, then you should definitely consider this platform. There are many other ways to do it including free open source shopping carts but they require you to get your own hosting and set up endless things individually making them difficult to use for beginners.


Whenever you put something on the Internet, you want to make sure that it is SEO friendly so that it can be picked up by web crawlers and returned as search results for relevant keywords. This provides you with an advantage over the competition in terms of marketing. At no additional cost, every page will be automatically optimized using the latest online best practices with Volusion. Have your products get found easily by the exact people who are interested in buying them. It’s the little details that count such as the various tags, the layout, the download speed, and general coding.

Integration Tools

There will be powerful integration tools included in the packages. These will allow you to connect the platform with various other platforms so that your products can be sold elsewhere seamlessly. The daily operations will be easier as you don’t have to shift your attention back and forth. Everything will be updated automatically when items are bought and payments are made. Use Volusion to integrate your online store with eBay or Amazon. Become a seller on their giant sites to increase your exposure to the market.

Unlimited Support

The platform has been designed to be used intuitively so you should be able to navigate your way around it with ease. In case you do have any questions whether technical or not, you can always rely on the company’s customer service department to provide complete answers. You will get the help you deserve whenever you need it thanks to their 24/7 operations. There are dedicated account managers assigned to clients. There are also multiple resources that you can consult to find solutions to your issues. Everything you need to know about how things work will be written in the guides and FAQs.

Payment Options

Transactions will be conducted without any hassles thanks to the platform’s flexible payment options. Shoppers can choose any of the major credit cards to pay for their orders. They could also use online services like PayPal to pay for the items. This system is tried and tested to operate smoothly. The experience will be similar to what you are used to doing on other sites like Amazon so people will feel familiar with the process. They can fill the fields in under a minute and complete the transaction before they have the chance to think twice. This is a highly secured payment system that protects all the data.

Social Media Sharing

Social media is all the rage these days as the networks are where friends congregate and discuss everything under the sun. Things can quickly go viral when shared on these platforms. They can be powerful tools in marketing your products. That’s why Volusion includes social media sharing buttons to make this quick and easy for anyone who wants to share product pages with their friends. Let the people themselves promote your items. All you need to do is to give them the means to do so and they will gladly take it. That’s free marketing for your e-commerce business.