The Top 5 ECommerce Platforms In The World

If you are thinking of starting an online business and hope to make significant sales you need to learn about the most reputable eCommerce platforms available to you. These platforms have been designed with both the seller and buyer in mind which is why they stand out as being friendly to both parties. Here is the top five list of the platforms you need to consider joining.


This is arguably one of the most popular of eCommerce platforms in the world today. It offers a 24-hour support service making it possible for you to raise any questions or concerns regardless of the time. The customer support staff is selected after a strict vetting process that ensures only the best get the job. You can get in touch with the support staff through online chats, emails or telephone.

The company is constantly reviewing the pricing to guarantee that clients do not have to bear too many costs. There are a variety of pricing packages to suit the largest of business entities to the smallest one. This platform allows users to develop their own stores using ready themes that can be customized to suit the business in question. A user-friendly shopping cart allows all clients to select the items they need before they submit the final order for processing. It is worth pointing out that Shopify is compatible with mobile devices.

3dcart Ecommerce

3dcart is another platform that allows users to set up their own stores. The company allows new users to develop a unique store and put it on the trial for 15 days without making any payment. Once you are satisfied with the features of the platform you can then renew your subscription by selecting any of the packages available.

This platform allows its clients to get in touch on a 24-hour basis throughout the week. This enables you to report any hitches that you may experience and have them resolved within a reasonable amount of time. A unique feature about 3dcart is that it offers an SEO-friendly shopping cart which drives more potential customers to your store. This site is also compatible with mobile devices.

Big Cartel

This eCommerce platform is mainly designed for creative people from across the globe. These may include artists, songwriters, poets, musicians, and designers. The customer care staff in this company are on hand on a 24-hour basis to provide assistance at your time of need. The platform is available with a variety of templates that you can use as a starting point for building your own store.

Individuals with extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can actually design their own stores from scratch giving it their personal touch and preferences. Other advantages of using this platform include real-time statistics, order management, search engine optimization and promotional tools to help give start-ups the much-needed boost.


This is another platform that allows users to create their own stores and try them out for a limited period of time without having to pay. The initial trial is provided so that you can get a feel of what the site is all about before committing to it. After the expiry of the trial period clients are required to subscribe to any other packages available with options being available for small businesses to large enterprises.

This platform has themes that can be customized giving the user freedom to develop something that is likely to resonate with the audience. With tools for product management and payment processing, the site stands out as one of the safest. It features anti-virus and anti-fraud measures to secure the store and all clients that are going to carry out transactions on the site. The site is compatible with mobile devices and can be extended to cater to Facebook and Amazon customers.


These platforms prides itself on offering clients one of the most secure hosting alternatives. It features hundreds of colorful themes that can act as a starting point for building any type of online store. Its team of customer care staff is available on a 24-hour basis to help your business grow regardless of the size or budget allocation.

A casual browse through the platform will reveal a section that contains resources meant to help you start a successful business. The section has insightful articles and videos that impart knowledge on how to carry out online marketing and understand what your clients want. Individuals can build a store and run it for a few days without having to make any payment or revealing credit card information.