The Best Ecommerce Platforms

These days, to subscribe to e-commerce platforms that are boring–can work like a death sentence. To illustrate, one of the top five e-commerce platforms, 3dcart had to eat the dust of Shopify for sporting clunky store front themes for its customers. Recently, the company in question has done some modifications in order to stay relevant to the dynamic requirements of e-commerce platforms.

Unfortunately, the efforts of 3dcart are yet to give the firm an edge to re-emerge out of the dust of competition. This only demonstrates the world of the best e-commerce platforms as a classic dog-eat-dog realm. There are no sacred cows in this industry.

The best e-commerce platforms wait for no one. They are under pressure to constantly improve even as they must stay open on a 24/7 basis with even a one-second timeout being frowned upon. For example, the onus is on Amazon to keep its vast storefront open at all times or else loyal customers might end up buying online elsewhere in a blink of an eye.

And who knows, the success of Shopify might as well be temporary, as e-commerce platforms such as Volusion, Magento, Big Cartel, Wix, WooCommerce, and Ecwid are constantly testing their limits. Surely, the best e-commerce platforms are leaving no stones un-turned in the fight to the finish line punctuated by the now ubiquitous online shopping cart.

From a pure consumer point of view, the best e-commerce platforms must be easy to operate just like a VCR or a microwave open. For consumers almost always expect the image of a shopping cart to guide them in navigating this or that store. Thus, they crave uniformity and ease of use more often than not.

From the viewpoint of online store owners, however, ideal e-commerce platforms must blaze the trail and create excitement for the buying public at all times. From the two opposing viewpoints, it’s easy to understand why sometimes it’s quite easy for even the best e-commerce platforms to miss the point. Accordingly, a platform like 3dcart had tried to oversimplify things in order to make the process of storefront creation so much easier for store owners. As a result, the company would get a backlash from the same owners for what was considered a gross oversimplification.

With the competition going steadily at the speed of light, it becomes increasingly hard to find the sweet spot or a balance among opposing objectives that need to be satisfied at the same time. The conundrum can certainly be perplexing and yet the best e-commerce platforms neither have the right nor the time to complain.

Immediate compliance has become key to staying afloat or blazing the trail in the field of e-commerce platforms. This will explain why a company that has been in the game from the pioneer days of the online store concept is in the best position to grasp the concept of simultaneous obstacles reminiscent of Japanese battle games on TV. With this knowledge and wisdom come the understanding that causes one entity to throw the rest of the competition the proverbial monkey wrench.

All of a sudden, it’s no longer a question of price points. For if it were, the cheapest e-commerce platforms would have the advantage–which is unfortunately not the case anymore. Nevertheless, such a development is a double-edged sword with both the good news as well as the bad news.

The good news is, the price is right has ceased to be the dictator as far as the choice of e-commerce platforms is concerned. More and more, the driving factors have emerged to be ease of use and design fascination. Users–entrepreneurs and end consumers alike–must find the task of using an online store easy and yet it must never cause ennui or tedium–or else.

Such are the core concerns for the best e-commerce platforms to-date. As for the secondary factors, these are primarily 24/7 technical as well as customer support, and the option to do coding if need be. For example, some owners of e-commerce platforms would want the ability to inject their own HTML or JavaScript code into the store layout. A vast majority, however, does not.